Local Woman Hosts Teen Non-Violence Summit in Light of Fight
May 15, 2019|news, events, advocacy, grassroots, partnership, community, solano county
Non-Violence Is... (Furthest right: DeVore)
Non-Violence Is… (Furthest right: DeVore)

In light of the publicized bus fight involving two students in front of Benicia Middle School on May 1st (Article), local woman and human services professional, Lisa DeVore wanted to do something. Many parents were frustrated and disappointed in learning about the altercation which was recorded and posted online, via Kron4 News rather than from the school directly. “Who is talking to the kids about non-violence? Who is asking questions, having conversations?” 

DeVore hosted a group of about a dozen Benicia youth that were given the opportunity to discuss definitions of violence, the consequences, as well as role-play of alternative ways to handle situations which could otherwise lead to physical altercations. The children were provided a safe, open space to ask questions, discuss situations they’ve in, and participate in activities such as a non-violence poster contest,

DeVore says she intends on holding more Benicia youth-oriented events soon.